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Using useless stuff in the garage

Using useless stuff in the garage.
Posted March 8 2008 08:38 AM by Mike_Harrington 
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Ahhhh….The family two car garage cramped, smelly and dirty and of course filled with useless *** that most of us cant seem to get rid of

Much to the chagrin of my wife I have hauled this useless stuff from house to house as we moved from one state to another. I can’t help it; I’m a pack rat. She wonders why I hang onto all my old auto parts and won’t throw them away. I tell her “You never know when you will find a use for them” Many years ago we lived in an apartment complex while I was going through school. I had a big cargo van parked in the apartment lot filled with auto parts and other odds and ends. Not to mention my non running project cars were in the lot too(but she was the apartment manager so I could get away with parking non running vehicles there), I went to the Bonneville Salt Flats that year as I always did and ran into a race team from Canada. They were racing a roadster powered by a Buick Nailhead. It just so happened I had several Nailhead parts in my mobile garage. I told the Canadian team they could have all the Nailhead parts if they stopped by on their way back to Canada to pick them up. They did stop by and I gave them all the Buick parts I had for free, then they handed me a 50. I wasn’t expecting the money but it was a nice bonus. They were true hot rodders and I was helping them out. Yeah, I may never have need for those old parts, but somebody somewhere will, and helping out another hot rodder expecting nothing in return…it’s all about the camaraderie.

Well just recently I finally got around to putting some more of the useless junk in my garage to use. I had an old 40’s something Ford pick-up truck tailgate lying around for years and years. I finally turned into something. A work Bench! Turn it upside down bolt a vice to it, spent 20 bucks at the steel yard buying some 2X2 box tube, fashion up some legs and it’s a work station. I had some old bed frames lying around, cut them down into a square frame welded it to the upside down tailgate, bought some peg board, now I can hang crap from the peg board. Proving my point to the wife, it may look like junk to her, but some how it will be useful in some way.

Take for instance this former Wal-Mart shopping cart. Bums leave these laying around in front of my friends shop on occasion. What do you do when a wino leaves his crap cart in front of you shop? Turn it into a welding cart with a theme. After cutting it down we LineX’d the cart and painted it blue to match the Miller Welder, but it looks more Wal-Mart blue than anything else. I even left the basket on to hold my gloves, helmet and wire brush when not in use. It cost me nothing but a few hours of time. More useless *** put to use.


Im fairly certain nobody ever reads these blogs, but if by chance some hapless internet pilgrim stumbles across this message adrift on the tangled mess known as the World Wide Web. Take a moment and let your thoughts flow like a forgotten half empty jar of peanut butter sitting in the back of the fridge. If that’s too much work belch out a quick response and tell us what useless stuff you have done in your stuffy two car garage. Does your spouse think you crazy too

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