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Goodmark Camaro - Out Of Hibernation!

We finally took the Goodmark Camaro out of winter storage.
Posted June 16 2008 02:15 PM by DRyder 
Filed under: Chevy Project Cars, Automotive Brakes, Chevy Small Block, Chevrolet Camaro

At work on the Goodmark Camaro

    As indicated during my blog entry last week, we were planning on getting the Goodmark Camaro out of storage and road ready for the 2008 drag/show season. Well we stumbled across a few problems, but do not fret - I'm ready to get my hands dirty!

Test light/meter

    Upon entering the storage garage the battery of the famed Camaro was stone-cold dead. After a couple minutes of jump starting, the Bill Mitchell Hardcore 454 SBC roared to life. After a review of the gauge cluster, all vitals seemed up to par and within range. I rolled down the windows and began my journey back to the Super Chevy Headquarters. It felt good driving the Camaro again, it's a real head turner.

ABS electric motor and accumulator unit

    Upon entering the drive to the office the brake pedal became super stiff, stripping the Maro of her braking abilities. I carefully coasted into a parking spot and shut her down. After a brief discussion with Pedro Gomez at ABS Power Brakes in Orange, CA I had a small list of tests to run. The Goodmark Camaro is equipped with one of its Electronically assisted Master Cylinder units, similar to a hyrdo-boost unit, but with an accumulator, pressure switch and electric motor. While this unit has been flawless through the years, some things have to give, especially in the forever changing climates in New Jersey.
    After busting out the digital test light (or meter?) we checked for power and ground at the electric motor with the car running. All checked good and the motor seemed to be humming away, so either we have a week motor or possibly a bad accumulator. I then removed the unit and shipped her back to ABS. Pedro ensured us a fast turn around in order to get the Camaro back on the road again. We'll keep you posted.

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