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It's Not Just the Camaro With Balancing Issues!

2010 Mustang Has Wheel Balancing Issues Too
Posted May 28 2009 06:19 AM by 55Guy 
Filed under: Chevy Tech


GM was getting its balls busted at the Indy 500 for what looked like a balancing issue with the 2010 Camaro pace car wheels. Well, take a look at this on a 2010 Mustang...


GM's been getting hammered from every direction it seems lately. And despite the fact that even vaunted Toyota is hurting right now (the last fiscal quarter, Toyota posted a loss bigger than GM). So when I read the story and saw photos of the 2010 Camaro pace cars at Indy, and the wheels loaded down with balancing weights, I just shook my head. The responding posts to the picutres too no mercy on Chevrolet, and assailed what was apparently another quality issue from GM.

Well, here's a little payback.

I spotted this brand new 2010 Mustang yesterday, and couldn't help but notice that the right rear wheel had about an 6"-8" strip of wheel balancing weights on it. Looking at the front left wheel, I only saw a tiny strip of balance weights.

So, it looks like this problem isn't limited to Camaros and GM. I think this is really a sign of what happens when you farm out your wheel casting to China where quality control is optional like human rights.

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